This laboratory develops research activities in mobile robotics and computer vision. This focusses mainly on aspects of perception, auto-localization, navigation, manipulation, real-time control of movements, learning, simulation of mobile robots, and the detection and recognition of faces.

The laboratory has two robotic teams: the first consists of a service robot, and the second of a robotic soccer (football) player . Both teams participate regularly in the RoboCup world championship.

The laboratory has various robots, equipment, and sensors. Among the robots: Bender, 5 NAO robots, hexipod robots, and biped robots. There are sensors such as Kinect cameras, lasers, various types of cameras, sonars, and radaos. It also has state-of-the-art computational equipment.

  • Robotic Team NAOS: Robotic Soccer: Learning complex moves using mobile robots.
  • Team of Robotic ‘Homebreakers’: Service Robot: Detection and recognition of persons, manipulation, tracking people, navigation.
  • 3D Reconstruction using webcam and points of interest.
  • Reinforced learning for mobile robots.
Responsible Academics
Claudio Estévez

Claudio Estévez

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.