Research is carried out in the area of ​​pattern recognition using techniques of artificial neural networks, evolutionary computation, machine learning, and information theory.

On one hand, new algorithms and methods (theories) are developed and, on the other, computational intelligence techniques are applied to image processing, biomedical signal processing, and time series processing in astronomy, optimum battery pack design, and data mining.

  • 8 PCs Intel i5.
  • 2 GPU GTX 285.

Project Fondecyt 1110701.

Project INNOVA N° 11IDL2-13673 (Profile I+D Applied).

Project INNOVA N° 12IDL2- 16296 (Profile I+D Applied).

Project Basal “Technology Center for Mining”.

Responsible Academics
Claudio Estévez

Claudio Estévez

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.