Carries out research and development in the field of instrumentation for geosciences with an emphasis on space exploration.

Chile is a country with vast experience in geo-sciences and is also the capital of world astronomy. The objective of this laboratory is to take advantage of the knowledge of instrumentation related to astronomy and transfer it to the mining, geological, seismic, and atmospheric fields of research of our country.

Knowledge of these leading areas can represent a real contribution to the global development of space exploration.

  • Fondecyt 11110384. Analysis of Distorted Incoherent Scatter Spectrum caused by the Interaction of Unstable Waves via Particle-In-Cell Simulation.
  • CORFO 11IDL2-10829. System of Valorization of Reserves from Geoscientific Information. In collaboration with the laboratory of Professor Diana Comte.
  • Project SUCHAI (Satellite of University of Chile for Aerospace Investigation). A picosatellite developed by undergraduate students of the university.
  • Project Ckelinar (Radiosonde open hardware/software to improve atmospheric measurements).

The laboratory has basic electronic instruments: welding stations, oscilloscopes, multimeters and power sources.

Since the laboratory is in the Electrotechnology building, it is possible to have acess to additional equipment such as a 3GHz network analyzer and a spectrum analyzer (9GHz), a professional welding station, and infrastructure for the construction of PCBs.

Responsible Academics
Marcos Díaz

Marcos Díaz

Ph.D. Boston University.