General Practices

Through gradual contact with industry, the students will have an increasingly clear concept of their future exercise of the profession. During the practical training period the student will acquire knowledge consolidates the disciplines and techniques received during the year through classes and laboratories.

The Professional training should be understood by the students to be an informative experience and not merely as a compilation of information about the place in which they will carry out their work. Moreover, the students should resort primarily to their own initiative to take full advantage of the period of practice, and not expect to be given tasks, but rather to try to obtain them themselves.

The Environment and Experience

In addition to observing and participating in industrial technological work, the students should consider the aspects of human relations that exist in these centers at the same level. The success of their future decisions as professionals will depend, to a large extent, on this knowledge.

The students should observe the goals that are pursued both in the elaboration of a product and in the provision of a service to the community. To do this, they will try to make constructive criticisms; suggest innovations; analyze if it is feasible to optimize both human and material resources, to know and quantify industrial safety standards in some way, etc. In short, they should aim to overcome the inclination to keep their own impressions to themselves, and try to actualize their solutions with valid justifications.

On the other hand, they should not lose sight of the fact that it is also a period in which to complement their technical training. This period will be dedicated to discovering everything that is valuable and interesting, assimilating the knowledge related to assigned tasks, and looking for other applications. Special interest must be placed on novel, original and unpublished concepts. The students should apply the same spirit of observation and personal initiative that is indispensable for productive results.

General Practice Report

The training period is a time of great activity and initiative for students who remove, from the very beginning, any attitude of passivity or waiting.

In the preparation of the report, the students will consider that the following points will be important for the final evaluation:

  • That the description faithfully reflects the experience gained, their own approaches, and the final conclusions.
  • Writing, spelling and general presentation.
  • A later conversation, if deemed necessary, will be held with the professor who corrects the report with the student.

Any doubts that arise regarding the type of work, or any other aspect, can be discussed with the Secretariat of the Department.

EL 4901 Professional Practice I (Students Level 4000)


  • EL3003  Electrical Engineering Laboratory.
  • EL3006  Electrical Engineering Seminar.
  • Authorization

Students at this level have some knowledge of basic engineering sciences but have not yet acquired professional training. They will therefore carry out technical tasks that do not require professional training, such as working as assistants to University Technicians or Engineers in projects such as installations, maintenance, measurements, or quality control.

For the report, all the aspects should be included that, in their own judgment, were formatively useful, both in the work specifically assigned as well as in organizational or relationship matters. Special care should be given to reflecting the attitude of the observer and constructive criticism as well as the total benefits of the purely technical experence.

Requirements of the Training Report

  • A notepad in which the most outstanding events will be recorded daily should be mantamed. It should be signed every week by the direct supervisor, but If this produces too many problems, it can be signed only once at the end of the period.
  • A sheet stamped and signed by the direct supervisor in which the behavior of the student in the work will be evaluated.
  • The report itself may begin with a brief general description of the industry or company and the role that corresponds to the student’s own place of work.  It will contain a detailed description of the most transcendental aspects, with the students’ own comments on each situation. As well as analyzing the technical aspects, they will analyze the organizational and human relations problems encountered in their  work.The students will draw conclusions by expressing their impressions of the adequacy or inadequacy of their practice and the approach that should be given.It should not be more than 20 pages in bength.