Academic Degrees

Degree in Engineering Sciences, with Electrical mention (major).

Professional Title

Electrical Civil Engineer

Faculty or Institute

Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics.


12 academic semesters, daytime work day, with semi-flexible currículum.

Quotas and Points

Vacancies 2015 (referential information)685 (forms part of the common entrance of Engineering and Sciences),
Minimum Points Considered600,00 points,
First Score Enrolled840,10 points,
Last Score 2015724,35 points, corresponds to the usual entrance to the first year of Engineering,

Requisites and Considerations for Admission 2017

Secondary School Grades10%
Test of Language and Communication10%
Test of Mathematics45%
Test of Sciences15%

Program  accredited for 7 años from January 23, 2015 until January 23, 2022 – CNAP Agency