The minors are chosen from the elective subjects of degrees included in the Faculty’s Curriculum in force since 2007. In total the elective subjects total 50 UDs. To complete them, each student can choose among programs offered by any Department of the Faculty.

A minor is a self-contained package of coherently integrated elective courses (these courses must add up to 40 UDs) which, if approved by the students, will allow them to add a secondary specialization to their main specialty. The minors will be certified in a different document from the certificates of the Bachelor’s Degree and specialty.

Even though following a minor is ultimately a choice that each student must make, there are certain advantages that we are inclined to suggest to our students. Among these we can mention:

Developing capabilities that make working successfully on teams made up of professionals from various disciplines possible.

Satisfying the students’ intellectual and cultural curiosities.

Understanding of and openness to other disciplines and forms of work.

Our minors have been approved by the Council of the School since June, 2009.

The compulsory courses of the undergraduate degree, specialty, and/or of comprehensive training approved by the student are not validated by courses of a minor. That is, if a student attends a minor in which one of his courses falls within one of the three categories mentioned, he must take those UDs from a list of elective courses defined by the minor.

Elective subjects available