Admission to the program leading to the title of Electrical Civil Engineer is directly through the Common Plan in Civil Engineering. This is a sequence of studies that lasts for 4 semesters and that gives a solid base in physics and mathematics, necessary for development in today’s technological world. The advantage of this modality, used in the most prestigious universities, is that it postpones the choice of specialty for the recent Graduates of General Education, until a stage in which the interests of the students are more defined.

The main admission route is through the University Selection Test (PSU) according to the following weights:

Test of Mathematics50%45%
Test of Language and Communication10%10%
Test of Sciences20%15%
Average Grades20%10%
Ranking of Graduation-20%

Common Plan (Basic Information)

The FCFM’s four-semester Common Plan Program provides important training in basic sciences that makes a difference in the undergraduate training of future engineers and scientists.

At the end of the Common Plan courses, students can opt for a variety of programs, such as nine specialties in Civil Engineering, Geology, and degrees in Physics, Astronomy, and Geophysics.

All the professionals in these fields share a solid scientific education in their first years of university, which gives them a range of tools to address the great scientific and technological challenges that the 21st century demands.