The Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Chile has, in addition to admission via the PSU, a possibility of Special Admission for entering the programs of Engineering, Geology, and Undergraduate degrees.

Below are the different avenues of Special Admission and Transfers:

Internal Transfer

Focused on students of the University of Chile with at least two years of studies who want to change to one of the degree programs or certificates that  are offered by the School of Engineering and Sciences.

Bachelor’s Degree

There are 30 places in the School of Physical Sciences and Mathematics for students who have completed the Bachelor’s Degree program of the University of Chile. The students who enter through this program do so at the third to fourth semester level.

Transfer from Another University

This allows those who have attended a minimum of 2 years or 4 semesters of university studies, in this country or abroad, to enter our department. The student’s acceptance will depend, among other aspects, on a minimum validation of subjects.

Titled in Another Program

Those who are in possession of a professional title or an academic degree awarded by the University of Chile, or a foreign or other university of the Council of Rectors, can apply for the degree courses offered by the School of Engineering and Sciences through a special selection system.

Foreign Students

There are 3 places for students who have studied abroad for the last two years, or at least 3 of the last 4 years, of secondary education. They must meet the requirements of university entrance in the country where the studies were completed, and provide evidence of mathematical reasoning and specific knowledge of physics and mathematics.

Featured Sportspersons

The University of Chile, in accordance with its current regulations, invites athletes who have listings in one or more disciplines during the previous two years, whether at the regional, or national levels and/or were pre-selected or selected nationally in the category corresponding to their age, and participate mainly in the sports recognized by the Olympic Committee of Chile. Priority is given to those who meet the requirements of the current selections of the University.

System of Priority Entrance for Educational Equity (SIPEE)

The Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics decided to be part of a special admission project that for some years has been developed in some faculties of the University of Chile, and that continues to expand today: the System of Priority Entrance for Educational Equity (SIPEE).

The initiative seeks to support good students with a lower PSU score score from vulnerable schools. There are 20 seats and the applicant must obtain a PSU score equal to or greater than 650 points.

Scholarship of Academic Excellence (supernumerary places)

This type of entrance benefits 25 students who are within the 10% of the best graduates of the Middle Year of the IV year’s promotion, with the best averages of the grades of the secondary schools of Municipal establishments, Subsidized Individuals and Educational Corporations, and who also belong to the first four quintiles. This system allows students to move from the waiting lists of each program to the regular admission lists.

Gender Equity Priority Entrance Program (PEG)

The PEG generates 40 special places for women who are on the waiting list,—that is, whose names appear under the last applicant selected in the regular admission process established by the Council of Rectors of the Chilean Universities for entry into the Common Plan of the School of Engineering and Sciences.

For more information, visit the Admissions website of our Faculty, where you can find updated information and contacts for each of these options.