Characteristics of the Program

The undergraduate program offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Chile awards the academic degree of Bachelor of Science in the Sciences of Engineering, with an Electrical major and the professional title of Electrical Civil Engineer at the end of 12 semesters of study.

Our program prepares professionals with extensive training, and develops the capacity  to apply the sciences and the scientific method to the analysis and solution of the technical-economic problems of the specialty.

During 2009 a new curriculum began to be applied,  in response to a renewed vision of the profession and the teaching of engineering, and which was framed in the curricular reform that the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of our program of studies began to execute in the year 2007.

Because the implementation of this new program was introduced gradually by level, two undergraduate programs coexisted until 2012.

Admission between 1989 and 2006: the students who had entered the old civil engineering plan and enrolled in the first course (EL31A) of the program no later than the Spring, 2008 semester were considered to be students of the old plan of the specialty.

Entrance from 2007 onwards: students who had entered the new civil engineering program in our faculty, and who enrolled in the first two courses (EL3001 and EL3002) of our program in the Fall, 2009 semester or later, are considered to be students of the new plan of studies.

The curriculum of the course of study consists of a four-semester program of the FCFM Common Plan, which provides important training in basic sciences that makes a difference in the undergraduate training of future engineers and scientists. At the end of the Common Plan courses, students can choose to pursue an Electrical Civil Engineering program, in which they take another 4 semesters (5-8) to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Sciences, with concentration in Electrical Engineering. Following this they take another 4 semesters.