Master in Engineering Sciences, mention in Electrical Engineering

Decree number



This program was accredited for a period of 6 years, starting from April 22, 2016 until April 22, 2023, by accrediting agency «Acredita CI».


  • 300 UF (Complete Program)
  • Cost of registration 2016: $127.200

Regulations of Magister

Academic Faculty

General Regulations of Magister

Letters of recommendation

Coordinator Program Director

Professor Martin Adams.

Application Information 2016


Loreto Soto
+562 2 978 42 07 / Office 305

Application Deadline

From May 15 to June 15, 2019.

(Upload all documents requested, include recommendation letters too in this period)

This Master provides a complete training in advanced engineering and modern technologies, which permits graduates to contribute to the developement of their respective countries and to meet their society needs. It offers a deep training in engineering sciences for those who want to direct their studies at technological innovation activities, research and teaching at university level.

Graduates are able to take part in research and innovation groups and technological development in the industry, and also to do academic roles and teaching, and research in specialized institutions and universities. Graduates will be also able to continue the PhD program abroad in this field.

The Master in Engineering Sciences, mention in Electrical Engineering consists of formal courses, tutorials and seminars, and also a thesis research which is its core.

Specialization could be carried out in the following fields: automatic, energy and power systems, signs and telecommunications, robotics and intelligent systems, and astronomical instrumentation. Some of topics that are covered in this areas include: systems control, mobile robotics, computing intelligence, artificial vision, biomedical engineering, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computing, neural networks, distributed power generation, electric machines control, converters control and design based on power electronics, renewable energies, electrical markets, planning and operation of electric power systems, image processing, signal processing, voice processing and transmission, dynamic systems, among others.

This program is expected to be completed in a period of 2 years.

Required courses

Degree courses mandatory for the Magister thesis work.

Code Course name
THE 7907 Thesis work I
THE 7908 Thesis work II

Magister’s thesis is conducting relevant research in the field of electrical engineering. This may be part of a larger project being conducted in the Department or may be an independent investigation character. In both cases, it is done with the guidance of a teacher guide and the item must be approved by the Departmental Committee Magister and the Graduate School of the Faculty.


Curriculum Magister programs requires the approval of UD 100 electives. The Department offers a wide range of courses in different areas of Electrical Engineering that serve this purpose.

Eligible courses as electives are those in categories 6000 and 7000. The full list of these courses each semester is updated. In the final count of program credits up to 35 UD 6000 level courses will be recognized.

Students may validate equivalent to 6000 or 7000 level from other departments or universities with which there are agreements on this subject courses. For this, the student must request prior authorization from the Graduate Committee.

Holding the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Electrical mention, awarded by the University of Chile or another university, or a degree or equivalent level of training to ensure adequate training prior to the purposes and requirements of the program.

For this process must attach the following documentation (in digital form):

  • Degree certificate or university degree (BA) from.
  • Transcript of undergraduate studies with relative position (original or certified copy).
  • Certificate relative position in their generation.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Program degree courses relevant for assessing the level of training, according to program requirements which posits. Students of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics not required to present this documentation.
  • BIA updated (U. de Chile students only).
  • Letter of motivation for the program.
  • Two letters of recommendation (in the format required by the program, downloadable document link below).

Original documents must be presented to the Graduate School at the time of enrollment.