For the DEE the linkage with the external environment as one of its fundamental activities.

The main objectives of outreach are the dissemination, communication of culture and knowledge, and service to society. In this context, the Outreach office of the Department, created in 2016, is focuse on interaction with the environment and could become an important axis of our department activities in response to the concerns of society. Along with this time, it seeks to promote interaction between students, alumni, academics and Department officials.

Through academic and student initiatives it aims to:

  • Promote Continuing Education as an integral part of vocational training. It offers courses, diplomas and seminars through its Continuing Education Unit (ECODIE).
  • Establish and promote the activities of the Association of Graduates and Professionals (ALUMNIDIE).
  • Develop and fund additional and international education activities for DEE students.

It also has several channels of information such as:

  • Newsletter: Text via e-mail and web with relevant news, highlights. You can see the latest online newsletter by clicking here.
  • Social Networks: Our Department has the following subscription channels: Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, with which it intends to maintain a permanent communication with the entire DEE Community.