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The Department of Electrical Engineering mission is to offer top-notch undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Electronic Engineering, carrying out high-level research in these areas. The department’s activities are tied to the technological development of control processes, renewable energies, intelligent systems, image processing, voice signals, robotics, sensors, etc.

The DEE maintains a strong relationship with national areas of production (energy, telecommunications, mining, among others) and with the international academic environment.

The department promotes learning environments that motivate and stimulate the development student abilities.

Research activities are priorities for the DEE. Teaching faculty and students work together to solve complex problems utilizing the latest technologies.

Seminars, lectures, workshops, courses are just some of the outreach carried out by the DEE in the areas of electricity, communications, connectivity, non-conventional renewable energy, among others.

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Secretary phone number: +562 29784196
Email: secdirdie@ing.uchile.cl
Address: Av. Tupper 2007, Santiago, Chile.

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